Memoir of a Good Death


Memoir of a Good Death is a book about life! The story will take you on a journey and bring you home. The characters will make you laugh and invite you to cry. It’s one of the few books that features Calgary in such loving and honest detail.

Memoir of a Good Death is also the story of the ties that bind a mother to a daughter and the dynamics that govern their love. This book is shaped as a fictional memoir that is shared by Rhegan Flett and her mother, Sarah.

From beyond the grave, Rhegan reconstructs the last six months of her life. The impact and energy of her memories become one with her mother’s own remembering. This unheralded connection forms the nexus of the book and invites the reader into the complex world of mother-daughter love.

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“When the dead speak we must listen. Anne Sorbie’s dead and eloquent narrator is full of wild humour, pain, rebellion, compassion, wisdom. And she tells a wickedly good story.”  ~ Robert Kroetsch


“The entire novel [is] as winding and tumultuous and unpredictable as the Bow River itself […] the ending is wholly absorbing, absolutely riveting…” ~ Alberta Views

“This is a highly literary novel that I could easily see standing the test of time…” ~ The Canadian Book Review

“A dark and esoteric novel…not a book that you can rip through in a few days… a book that it will undoubtedly cause readers to shed a few tears” ~ Geist Magazine

“Anne Sorbie’s novel is of duality and contrasts, of landscapes […] of the natural world, both beautifully breathtaking and so ferocious it takes ones breath away, of death and living, of grieving and celebrating, of holding on and letting go…” ~ FreeFall Magazine