(M)othering Anthology

Publication details for The (M)othering Anthology are forthcoming in April 2020!

Meanwhile…check out the (M)othering Facebook page, weekly on Monday mornings, for short quotations from our contributors.

The submissions window for (M)othering Anthology is closed.

A profound thank you to everyone who has trusted us with their work. Now it is our honour and privilege to read and consider these works. (Anne and Heidi June 28, 2019).


This upcoming book takes its title from the idea that the act of mothering (literally, figuratively, metaphorically) shapes and transforms our identity.

How does mothering make or grow you? Take us to your joy, your dark places, your aching freedoms, your confusion, your sense of wonder, your sensual. Leave us raw and in awe of your real, your wild beauty, your careful, your kind. 

We invite people from all walks of life, of all beliefs and backgrounds, all genders, sexual orientation(s), identities, cultures and peoples, origins and birthplaces, to consider (m)othering on their terms and from their points of view. Our ideas are related to although not limited to the following:

  • selfhood                   identity                      adoration                 adoption
  • abortion                   the divine                 myths                         cults
  • comfort                     idolatry                     addiction                  worship
  • attachment              freedoms                 birthing                     nourishing
  • detachment             incarceration           bearing                     starving
  • rearing                      gender                     present                     absent
  • trauma                       loss                           culture                    feminism
  • heroism                    love                           struggle                    children
  • partners                    parents                    (i)mmigration          sacrifice
  • nature                      nurture                     masking                    claiming
  • aspiring                     defining                   upending                 bending
  • smashing                  bending                   inventing                  provoking
  • artifice                      art                              growth                       joy
  • ambivalence          alternatives              alternates                 afterwards

Send us your stories, your verse, and visuals. 

Submit prose (up to 10 pages), poems (up to 100 lines), and images photography, and original art (please submit files as jpegs).

Submission is free. The deadline is April 30, 2019.

You retain copyright of your work. 


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